Technical service

The post-sale service is considered by our company as one of the most relevant activities that it develops. This is why we are continuously investing resources in the training (abroad) of our technicians, acquisition of equipment, increasing the stock of critical parts, availability of services 24 hrs, so that our customers receive the best service possible.

Start up of boilers and burners

Boilers and burners failure analysis

Periodic maintenance contracts

Training courses for boilers and burners operators

Energy audits

Atmospheric emissions control

Refractory repairs

Spare parts:

We offer the most varied range of spare parts for different brands of Boilers and Burners. Consult with our technical sales department and we will help you meet the supply needs of spare parts and related equipment.

Level, On Off and Modulating controls

PLC based or Stand Alone control systems

PLC based or Stand Alone combustion control systems

Flame Scaners.

Safety Valves


Pumping stations

Oil, electric and steam heaters



Our highly specialized field service team, allows us to install boilers and burners, considering high standards at competitive costs.

Installation of boilers and auxiliary equipment

Installation of burners and natural gas conversions

Installation of steel piping to carbon stainless steel

Steam, natural gas and petroleum piping systems

Special application of welding and boilers repairs

Watertube and firetube boilers